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Service and repair shop

Service and repair shop


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Service after the procedure and repair shop

The group of shareholders of Zagros Machine Company, consider paying attention to after-sales service not as an expense but as an investment. In this direction and in order to satisfy customers more, in their after-sales service group, they have the most experienced Technicians, experts and equipped with methods and control systems to provide the best services in order to obtain the satisfaction of our dear customers.


Customer Relationship (CRM)
Failure Prevention Analysis (FMEA)
Repair and maintenance services (TPM)

Zagros Machine Machine Company provides its after-sales services in the form of the following two main sections:

repair shop

It is obvious that the policy of the after-sales service department of this company is to provide warranty services and repairs of Zagros Machine Company products using original parts and in accordance with the instructions and standard procedures of the manufacturing company. The implementation of this policy always guarantees that the devices are ready to work and increase their reliability.

In this regard, Zagros Machine Company has recruited experienced technicians as well as providing standard repair shop facilities, part of which is as follows:

– Equipping the indoor repair shop with an area of more than 800 square meters
– Having full equipment of PM services and special tools


  • mobile service

    In order to provide distinctive technical services, this company will dispatch a technical team within 48 hours even in the most distant parts of our vast country of Iran, upon receiving the customer’s request. Also, in the field of technical services, while completing the wide network of agencies, Zagros Machine Company has provided the desired capabilities in the field of satisfying its customers in all parts of the country, and in addition to the central repair shop and the centralized collection of technical and educational services, from the wide network of teams Mobile technology is equipped with special vehicles and required equipment as follows.

    شانتوییUsing special vehicles equipped with the required repair equipment
    Using experienced and trained technicians in the field of troubleshooting and specialized repairs
    Technical support of mobile teams by experienced and trained experts
    Carrying out periodic services according to the manufacturer’s instructions
    Performing preventive service (PM) troubleshooting and fixing machine faults at the customer’s site
    Complete and timely monitoring of the position of mobile teams using the GPS system throughout the country

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