Manufacturer of road construction, mining and forklift machinery Manufacturer of road construction, mining and forklift machinery

Supply of parts

Supply of parts

قطعات ماشین آلات راهسازی

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  • Supplying parts for road construction, mining and forklift machineryToday, one of the most important concerns of mining, construction and industrial companies is choosing machines of good quality and long useful life, which can only be achieved with proper service and maintenance and the use of original spare parts.

    Currently, the parts unit of Zagros machine company has imported and distributed the main parts of machines needed by customers, relying on its usual mission, which is the sale of original parts and speed in responding to customers’ requests.

    Identification of main parts

    Also, due to the need to ensure the originality of the parts, all these parts are supplied with the label and hologram of Pasargad Machine Company of South Persia.

    Also, the parts unit of this company requests the respected customers to always ensure the authenticity of their used parts in order to increase the efficiency of their machines, and to contact the parts unit of the company Farda Machine in order to supply the required parts.

    Parts unit phone: 021-44994031-39
    Internal: 400 to 409
    (Saturday to Wednesday: 00:08 AM to 00:16 / Thursdays: 00:08 AM to 00:12)