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Excavator SK350LC-8

Excavator SK350LC-8

Excavator SK350LC-8 is made by Kobelco (Kobelco) Japan.

All parts of this device (including metal and non-metal parts) are designed and produced in Japan.

Excavator SK350LC-8 is the most powerful 35 ton excavator in the market using Hino engine with 284 horsepower.

Using the steel produced in the Kobe steel company, Japan (KOBE STEEL), this machine has a reinforced frame, chassis, canvas, stick and bucket suitable for tough working conditions.

The design of this machine with the cooperation of Kobelco, Kawasaki and Hino has caused that in addition to high efficiency and speed, the fuel consumption of this product is 1.2 (half) compared to other similar products. Decrease.

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1650 متر مکعب بر ساعت

بازده خنکی


نوع و قدرت موتور

الکتروژن، 1/8 اسب بخار

نوع و قدرت پمپ آب

الکتروژن، 1/60 اسب بخار

ابعاد (میلیمتر)


وزن خالص محصول


وزن کولر با آب



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